Windows 10 ISO Download 64 Bit All Versions Latest Build

Microsoft windows 10 iso image file download 64 bit latest build. ISO disc image includes the all versions of windows 10 64 bit. It is all in one iso file which includes windows 10 pro x64 and other versions like home and VL. There is no product key provided in image file because it is clean iso. It is a best release by Microsoft after the windows 8.1. It includes lots of extra features plus new inbuilt features like Microsoft edge and cortana.

There are two version of windows 10 available for bot x86 and x64 (32 bit and 64 bit). Windows 10 home is normal version which includes all the features required for desktop and laptops. Features of windows 7 and 8 as well are included. Although some unnecessary features are eliminated. Whereas windows 10 pro includes all the features of windows 10 home as well as extra business features. It also includes the various themes provided by the windows 10 store. User can also download and customize themes according to their desire.

windows 10 iso

We are sharing windows 10 iso cd which can be used by USB as a bootable disk. Although Microsoft provides the windows 10 media creation tool also known as iso creation tool. Which enables user to either make dvd or cd of windows 10 or create iso file instead.  Purpose of sharing windows 10 iso clean install is that it is english version as well as all the user can access it. We provide fast download link of iso file which is better than media creation tool. Once you have downloaded it, Just create a bootable usb for installation. You can use Rufus usb tool to make pendrive bootable for windows 10.

The recommended version from OsDesire is windows 10 pro 64 bit by observing its features. It includes many pre-installed apps for various work such as microsoft onedrive,OneNote,Skype and many more. Groove music is inbuilt music player in windows 10. Video player is also available therefore no need to install third party apps in windows 10 x64 for audio and video files. In one image file you will get both the version of windows 10 home & pro.

As it is clean installation media of windows therefore no product key of windows 10 is provided. The user who already purchased windows 10 can use their keys to activate the product. Windows 7 users can also upgrade to windows 10 for free. Just user have to note down the product key of their running windows operating system. While installation of windows 10 64 bit it will prompt for key. Just put the key and continue your previous license. It will activate your windows 10 via internet.

windows 10 iso

Windows 10 latest build iso features

  • Clean install disc : It is clean installation media for windows 10 latest version which does not include any product key. Original iso file download from windows 10 media creation tool.
  • All in One : Iso image includes all the 64 bit versions of windows 10. Therefore user can install any version either home or pro.
  • Best security : New updates or build includes the latest firewall function which provides more security and protect pc by blocking unwanted networks.
  • New web browser : Microsoft edge is new windows 10 web browser which makes browsing simple and secure. Surf any website with highly secured browser features.
  • Built-in apps : Lots of in-built apps provides more functionality to windows 10. Third party apps usage are decreased with built-in apps.
  • Action center : It is a place where your can take action of any changes will begin on windows 10. It simplifies the separate action of various apps.
  • Easy accessible :  As start menu is back again on windows 10 therefore lots of time saved. Powerful start menu provides all the apps and files details.
  • Best gaming performance : Windows 10 latest build’s gaming performance is awesome which provides gaming environment if drivers are properly configured.
  • Digital assistant : Cortana is your digital assistant which can help you do work on time. Gives reminder to do. Provides latest updates and helps to complete the task.
  • Nice themes : Windows themes store is a place where various kind of themes are available for free download. Windows 10 users can download and install these themes free.

System requirements for windows 10 x64

  • Processor : 1 GHz or more than it is required to run windows 10 64 bit.
  • Ram : Minimum 2 GB of ram required for 64 bit windows 10.
  • HDD Space : Minimum 20 GB free space is required to install 64 bit iso.
  • GPU : DirectX 9 or latest is required with WDDM 1.0 driver.
  • Display : 800X600 minimum resolution display is required.

Iso file information of windows 10

File Name: Windows 10.iso

Version : 10.0

Build : 14393

Type : 64 Bit operating system.

Size : 3.4 GB.

Language : English.

Download windows 10 iso 64 bit free latest build



Download from Microsoft’s official website

How to install windows 10 iso using usb device

  1. Download iso file of windows 10 operating system from above link.
  2. Download Rufus usb tool to make pendrive bootable for windows.
  3. Attach your storage device which you want to make bootable.
  4. Open rufus tool and it will automatically detect your pendrive.
  5. On second option select “MBR partition scheme for BIOS or UEFI”.
  6. Select file system for windows 10 as NTFS for proper installation.
  7. Cluster size must be default as it is default allocation size.
  8. On format option uncheck the first option which will skip passes.
  9. On “create bootable disk using” option select iso image from drop down menu.
  10. Now click on disk image and locate your downloaded windows iso file and open it.
  11. Finally click on start button and wait till the completion of bootable media process.
  12. Windows 10 installation to usb
  13. Once the pendrive is ready and all the files are copied properly then just turn of your computer.
  14. Power on computer and select boot device as your pendrive or other storage device which is bootable.
  15. Wait till booting process and windows 10 installation window will open.
  16. Select your version which you want to install on computer either windows 10 pro or windows 10 home edition.
  17. Windows 10 iso install
  18. Click on install and follow the given instructions to install windows 10 x64.
  19. Create or select a partition to clean install windows 10 iso in your computer.
  20. Once installation is complete the computer will restart automatically and it will configure all settings automatically. You just have to enter basic details like username and passwords.

Information about updates

This iso file is latest update of windows 10. In future if update is required then user have to install it from their own side. Therefore just turn on automatic updates to get latest updates of windows 10 pro and home. It will automatically install latest build of windows 10 free without any user required process.